Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Hermit

Card: The Hermit, Major Arcana # 9

Description: Grey bearded man dressed in gray robes holds a lantern in his right hand and a staff in the other. He stands on a flat surface covered in snow.

My thoughts: This is my card. I always feel such an affinity for this one. I was raised almost like an only child because I was so much younger than my brother and sisters. I have married, had children, but still long to find time just for myself, to be alone. My hobbies and pursuits are mainly things I do by myself. I read, I listen to music, I watch old movies.

Traditional meaning: introspection and a desire for peace and solitude, and eventually, enlightenment.
Reversed: Outside events may influence you. You solitude may lead to alienation, isolation.

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