Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Am Legend

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson
Unabridged audio - 5 CDs

Very good story even though at first I thought it was just a re-wright of an old Vincent Price movie, Last Man on Earth (the movie was actually taken from the book, lol). The world's population has been infected by a plague and everyone except Robert Neville have become one of the living dead or vampires. I was a bit disappointed in the ending, but how else could it really end?


Amberkatze said...

I am really stopping myself from even watching a trailer of this movie because it looks way to different to the book...and the book was good. I don't want to see Will Smith ruin it!

Kathy said...

i haven't seen the trailer or the movie either. I doubt that I will though, I don't go to many movies.