Thursday, July 3, 2008

CONFUSION (warning - I'm ranting)

I usually listen to one audiobook in the car and one at the house. The *#@*#& CD player in the car doesn't work very well anymore, but I do have a cassette player as well so I can still listen to audios in the car. "Runemarks" is from the library and only on CD and "Duma Key" is my personal copy, but is also on CD. I had already gotten 6 or 7 CDs into Duma when Runes finally became available at the library. I had gotten "Runemarks" to work fairly well in the car up until yesterday and the CD player just refused to play it, SO now I have 3 audiobooks going - "Velocity" on cassette in the car - Duma & Rune at home. I guess poor Duma will get shelved until I can get "Runemarks" finished since it is a library book.

Whats a girl to do???

I really dread buying a new car (my husband and I take turns - buy one get it paid off, next person gets a new car, etc). My turn is coming up in March and I dread getting a new car because I don't know of any that have both a CD player and a cassette, which is EXACTLY what I want again. ALSO - if I listen to music, it is on my iPOD and rather than mess with trying to find a station that it comes in staticy on (at best), I use a blank cassette tape hooked up to the iPOD that allows it to use my car speakers and it sounds just like the radio or CD.

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