Thursday, August 28, 2008

Culinary Series 12-14

Dark Tort #12, Double Shot #13, Sweet Revenge #14 by Diane Mott Davidson

While I am critical of paranormal series that go on forever with little plot change, I seem to like it in murder mysteries though I must admit Goldy should find another job. She seems to find more dead bodies than catering gigs. In installment number 12, Goldy is asked to provide snacks to a local law offices break room and finds the paralegal dead. In book 13, Goldy's ex-husband, The Jerk, is released early from prison for good behavior. Goldy finds him dead in his garage and becomes the prime suspect. In book 14, Goldy begins seeing someone everyone thinks is dead. Everyone but Goldy chalks it up to stress, but then people associated with this person start showing up dead. Goldy sets out to prove she is not going crazy and to find out to find the truth.

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