Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I admit it, I listened to all the books on audio and got hooked on the first one. The last one left a bit to be desired (I thought by the third book, Meyer had written herself into a corner it would be hard to get out of, I was right!) So, I went to see the movie this weekend with my two daughters. They both came out saying it wasn't as pre-teen stupid as they thought it would be, but not oscar material. I thought it was pretty good and I will go see the others. It stuck to the main story pretty well. Some of the things I did not like - I thought Bella came off as flat out rude most of the time- girl with an attitude and what did they do to Edward's eyebrows?? Geezzz, they look horrible. I hope they tone those down for the next movie. I liked Robert Pattinson in the Harry Potter films, but I'm not sure he is right for this part. I always thought of Edward as being a very, unreal kind of handsome and between his eyebrows and his flatten nose (did they do something to it? I thought he was much cuter in HP), he just didn't fit the picture I had in my mind. Neither did Dr Cullen, he came off a bit wierd looking. The girls were great, especially Alice and Esme, they were perfect matches, but Dr Cullen and Edward? I expected them all to be drop dead gorgeous and they just weren't. Looking at pictures of them elsewhere, they are all pretty good looking guys, but the movie makeup made them look I don't know, bad. Jasper looked great and Emmett was ok, but Dr Cullen and Edward need some major makeup tone down before New Moon.

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