Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Farseer Triology

Farseer Triology by Robin Hobb

Awesome triology! This is not a new series, the last book published was in 2002, but it is the kind of fantasy I like to read and am amazed I had not picked it up before now. The main character goes by "Boy", "Newboy", "Fritz" and "Thomas". His father was a prince, his mother unknown. His grandfather leaves him with the royal family and says he is their duty to raise him. He is schooled in the arts of fighting and letters during the day and at night, he is taught the finer points of assassination. A group of raiders are attacking the coast and are "forging" it's citizens. Forged people no longer recognize friends and family. They roam about in a kind of fog, acting like animals and uncaring about anyone or anything. In order to try to stop the raiders, Prince Verity leaves on a quest to contact the Elderlings, beings that helped rid the coastline of invaders once before. While on his quest, his younger, half-brother murders their father, seizes the throne and proclaims Verity dead. After being abused, beaten and left for dead, Fritz sets out to find Verity and return him to his throne. He is aided in his quest by the court Fool, Verity's Queen, a bard, his wit-brother wolf, and a very strange old woman who is a great deal more than she seems.

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