Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gathering Storm

Wheel of Time #12: The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
Unabridged audio, 26 CDs read by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer

A lot has been written about this latest installment in the Wheel of Time series. The transition from Robert Jordan writting his own books to Brandon Sanderson writting from his notes and outlines was an easy one for me. I don't think I've ever really "read" these books. I've always listened to them on audio. The decision to continue using the two outstanding narrators had me go from one book to the next with no problem at all.

I made myself wait until the book was definitely going to be released and then began at the first, listening to "New Spring", then "Eye of the World", then on through all 11 others before opening the box for "Gathering Storm". I have to say, I have listened to this series in it's entirety at least 3 times. I enjoyed it as much this time as I did the first time, the second time, the third time I listened to it. This is really an outstanding story. I can't wait for the next book. Please Brandon, don't make me wait very long!

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