Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rune Study: Kenaz

Kenaz (kane-awez) rune #6

I have began naming my World of Warcraft characters after runes. Today I named my new blood elf mage "Kaynaz" (Kanaz and Kenaz were already taken). The rune's ancient meaning is boil or sore, something I had forgotten when I went to name today's toon or I might have reconsidered. The more modern meaning is torch. Since my toon is a mage, she can throw a pretty good fireball, so torch seems much more appropriate. It also symbolizes knowledge and enlightenment. It is the sign of discomfort (which I mean for my enemies on WOW to be!)

Kenaz is the rune of Skuld, one of the three Norns or Fates. She was the norn of the future. She also rode with the Valkyries to collect fallen warriors on the field. Her animal is the owl, her tree the pine and the color associated with her is blue.

Upright: Good fortune, giving and receiving gifts, lust, empathy, enlightment, dicomfort.

Reversed: Loss, endings, casting out things from the past.

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