Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Runes study: Gebo

Gebo - Gift
The Goddess Gefjon

Gefjon is the goddess of unwed women. He dwells in Frigg's palace where she welcomes them when they die. They are made comfortable and happy and will be forever under Gefjon's protection.

The main legend surrounding Gefjon is the agreement she made with King Gylfi of Sweden. Odin sent Gefjon to the king requesting ownship of some land. Gylfi told Gefjon that she could have all the land she could plough in one day. She turned her four sons into oxen and ploughed a huge piece of land. The oxen sons then dragged the land out to sea where it became the island Seeland.

Gefjon means the giving one and therefore Gebo's meaning is gift. The object associated with Gebo is glass and the color blue. The animal is the ox.

It's meaning is a good partnership or relationship, love, and gifts bestowed. It can also mean emotional problems or disharmony depending on what runes are cast with it.

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