Sunday, May 31, 2009

True Blood

True Blood - First Season

I bought the first season of the "True Blood" series. The series is loosely based on Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire book series. I like the basic story lines of all 12 of the first season's shows, but there is too much sex (very graphic sex) and the opening credits are flat out disgusting. And the cussing. Seriously, flinging the "f" word around every other sentence? Are there really whole towns where everyone talks that way?

On the plus side, I did like the actor selection. For once, I think the actors were actually selected to match my idea of how the characters in the book would look. Eric is a cutie as is Sam and Jason. Bill is dark and brooding which fits my idea of him completely.

I did like the series. The storylines are based on the books, so it is a good solid story. I will buy next season's set when it comes out. I hope they clean it up a bit.

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