Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rune Study: Jera

Rune #12: Jera
The goddess Sif

Sif was the wife of Thor and the mother of Uller. She had long, following hair the color of wheat and was therefore associated with the harvest. She was the earth mother and symbolized spring and summer. Loki attacked her one day and cut off her hair, thus posing a dire threat to crops and the harvest. Thor was outraged and demanded that Loki make amends or endure a severe beating. Loki had the dwarf Dvalin make her new hair from the finest magical thread.

Jera's meaning is the year. The object is they scythe and her color is black.

Meaning: One year. Gaining back what is rightfully yours. Legal matters, obligations and harmony.
Reversed: Completion cannot be rushed and taking a situation stage by stage.

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