Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finding Colin Firth

Finding Colin Firth by Mia March

From the Publisher:  

After losing her job and leaving the husband she dearly loves, twenty-nine-year-old journalist Gemma Hendricks is desperate to save her career by scoring an interview with Colin Firth. But a much more localstory steals her heart—and just may save her rocky marriage too. Thirty-eight-year-old waitress Veronica Russo, shocked by the unannounced arrival of the daughter she gave up for adoption two decades ago, becomes an extra on the movie set, wondering if happy endings—and a real life Mr. Darcy—are even possible. Twenty-two-year-old student Bea Crane, alone and adrift, longs to connect with Veronica, her birth mother, but she’ll discover more than she ever imagined in this coastal Maine town. And just when they least expect it in a summer full of surprises, all three women may find what they’re looking for most of all…

My Review:
I received this as an Advanced Readers Copy from the publisher. I read about a fourth of the book and ran back to the room with my DVDs and gathered all my Colin Firth movies. I've spent all this weekend reading this book and watching his movies. Loved this book! (and loved the movies, lol)

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