Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Card: The Sun – Major Arcana card #19

Description: Child (cannot tell if boy or girl) with blonde hair and a crown of flowers sits naked atop a white horse. In its hand it clutches a banner of flowing orange material. The child looks happy and the horse seems gentle and patient. They sit in front of a brick fence that has sun flowers planted on top. A benevolent sun shines overhead in a clear, blue sky.

My Thoughts: I began this same exercise over a year ago and got out of the habit. My first card was the "Sun". How odd that I randomly drew the same card as I began my journey again.

Meaning: A positive card that means success, happiness, all the things that make up a clear, sunny day. Above all the energy and power that comes from the sun and the renewal after night's journey thorough the sky.

Reversed: Loss of energy or power, depression. Your path or journey has come to a roadblock or impass.

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