Thursday, July 19, 2007


Rune: Laguz (LAH gooz) #21 - The god Njord belonging to the God Tyr

Njord was the husband of Skadi and the father of Frey & Freya. He was the diety of the seas and god of the winds that controlled them. He was the patron god of seafarers and blessed and protected them, their ships and their cargo. All the ocean and plantlife near the seas belonged to him. He is also linked to the harvest. He was a member of the 12 at the council hall of Asgard.

Symbol: Water
Object: Axe
Animal: Seal & Seagull
Tree: Willow
Color: Orange

Meaning: Intuition, psychic ability, acquisition, sucessful pursuit, birth
Reversed: Work within your limitations.

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