Sunday, July 22, 2007


Rune: Gebo (gee-BOW) #7 - The goddess Gefjon belonging to the Goddess Freya

Gefjon was the goddess of unwed women. She dwelt in Frigg's palace where she welcomed unwed women when they died and offered them her protection. She was also associated with plowing. It was said that she had 4 sons by giants. She turned them into oxen. Gefjon requested land from King Gylfi of Sweden. The king told her she could have as much land as she could plow in 24 hours. She and her sons plowed land which she then separated from the mainland. It became known as the island of Seeland.

Symbol: Gift
Animal: Ox
Object: Crystal or glass
Color: Blue

Meaning:loving partnership or relationship; gifts

Reversed:emotional problems

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