Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gossip Girl season 4

I've been watching Gossip Girl Season 4 on Netflixs. Are there really girls in this world as stupid as Serena?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fast Food Drive-Thurs

McDonald has the best drink prices so I stop there most mornings and afternoons that I work. Best prices - most annoying drive-thru in the world. "Would you like to try our newwwww strawberry smoooooothie?" Hell no, I know what I want, quit asking me stupid questions and just take my order!

Grrrrrrrrr - I stopped at Jack-in-the-Box the other day and they have started doing the same thing.

Also - couldn't they put a cover over the place where you order so when it rains you won't get wet while you wait for them to ask you if you want something you don't want?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Autumn Castle

Autumn Castle by Kim Wilkins
Read by Richard Aspel
Unabridged, Audible Download

I loved the story, but the reader needs to take American English lessons. The foreign voices he did great, especially the little witch, but two of the main characters were American. The girls voice came out bland and the guy sounded whiney. He also put "r" on the end of all words ending in "a" - Australier, idear, Dianer, etc. I'm sorry, was hard to listen to at times. BUT, if you can get past that, it is a really good story and worth a listen.