Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
Unabridged audio read by Kevin T. Collins & Eve Bianco

This book was unbelievable on audio. I don't know what reading it would be like, but I am so glad I did the audio instead. It made the whole story come alive. When there was a storm, you heard the thunder and rain. When there was singing, you heard the song. The story itself was awesome, so the whole experience was well worth the listen. I've already ordered the second book on audio and then horror of horrors - the third book is ONLY a download, not on CD. Bleep Bleep I hate that publishers don't give you the option anymore. I don't want to be tied to a blasted download. I want to listen in my car! 

From the publisher:
Lena Duchannes is unlike anyone the small Southern town of Gatlin has ever seen, and she's struggling to conceal her power, and a curse that has haunted her family for generations. But even within the overgrown gardens, murky swamps and crumbling graveyards of the forgotten South, a secret cannot stay hidden forever.Ethan Wate, who has been counting the months until he can escape from Gatlin, is haunted by dreams of a beautiful girl he has never met. When Lena moves into the town's oldest and most infamous plantation, Ethan is inexplicably drawn to her and determined to uncover the connection between them.In a town with no surprises, one secret could change everything.