Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Rune Study: Isa

Isa is considered to be the 11th Rune and relates to the goddess Skadi who belongs to the God Hagal. It symbolizes ice. It's object is the ski or sled. It's animal is the reindeer, it's tree the alder and it's color is black.

Skadi was the daughter of Thjazi. She married the god Njord who lived by the seashore and loved the sun, the crashing of the waves and the sea gulls. Skadi preferred the north with their mountain peaks of snow and ice. She loved the wind, the snow and the wolves. Njord agreed to live with her for nine days of every twelve with her in the north and she in turn lived with him by the sea for the remaining three. They became the goddess of the winter and the god of the summer because the Scandinavian people have nine months of winter and three months of summer each year.

Meaning: Withdrawn or taking a step backward. All progress halted. A lack of interest or drive. A parting or a chilly response.
Reversed: Treachery or infidelity.

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