Monday, June 27, 2011


I read where Harper-Audio is no longer going to produce books on CDs. If the iPods or other players were up to the task, I'd say go for it, but they are not. 1 track ---- ONE track?? Come now. If I get distracted and want to go back over the last few minutes - no way, gotta listen to it from the start. If it gets to the stupid, supposedly hot sex scene that authors think they have to almost ruin an otherwise interesting book with and I find so terribly boring, you can't skip it. Burn your own CDs you say. Yep, exactly how I want to spend my Saturday. Tied to the computer while it takes 2 or 3 hours to burn a book onto CD. And you can't just leave it because it always takes multiple CDs. I am now hording AudioBooks on CD or MP3CD against the day when they no longer exist.

Another Rant:

The price of e-books. More than the hardback, more than the paperback. I love my e-readers. I have multiple brands, but now, I find it impossible to buy new books because I refuse REFUSE to pay more for a book that cost publishers a fraction of the cost to produce. I have been a devout reader my whole life and now the publishing industry wants me to give it up. I'm so frustrated right now. The whole publishing industry can just go.......jump in a lake. grrrrrrrrrr

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