Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Rune: Kaunaz (kane-awze) #6 The Goddess Skuld belonging to the Freya.

Skuld was one of the three Norn sisters, Skuld, Urd and Verdandi. The Norn sisters impart wisdom to the gods. Skuld is therefore identified with enlightenment and divinatory meanings. Urd represented the Past, Verdandi, the present. Gods visited and sought the sisters for their advice, but the ultimate fate of the gods was kept secret from the sisters. The Norns lived near the Urdar Fountain where Skuld collected water for the roots of the sacred ash tree, Yggdrasil. Skuld road with the Valkyries to collect fallen warriors.

Object: Torch
Aminal: Owl
Tree: Pine
Color: Blue

Meaning: For a woman - good fortune. For a man - giving a giftl Lust, empathy, enlightenment are also meanings. The possibilty of health problems.
Reversed: Loss, endings, resignation.

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