Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Gardener

The Gardener by SA Bodeen, read by Luke Daniels
Unabridged MP3 5 hours 42 minutes, 20 tracks

Awesome! For some reason I've been reading a string of great books, which is nice because for a while it was read 100 pages, put book down, or listen to 2 CDs and forget the rest of it.

Secrets surround Mason's whole life. A father who cannot be with him and his mother, money that comes every month to help supplement her job at the nursing home, her continual insistence that there is a college fund for him and that he should not have anything to do with the local lab where he wants to do a summer internship. Stranger things begin to surface when he searches though her file cabinet and finds more pieces to the puzzle. Then he visits his mother at the nursing home one night and meets a strange girl who insists that he must help her escape before the gardener comes back.

Great story and an interesting ending.

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